Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A

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Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A
Living in an area with a long winter season and poor road connectivity, it was vital that I store sufficient food. Having had bad experience with canned food, I turned to the idea of food dehydrators. With winter fast approaching and little time for studying food dehydrator reviews, I chose what appeared to be the most popular product in the market, the Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A. Two winters later, I and my hubby find ourselves with a much more nutritious diet thanks to the numerous benefits offered by this product. I shall discuss these, along with some minor faults that exist, in the detailed review below.

Wide Range of Food Recipes Possible
Being a fan of turkey and trail mix, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dehydrator is capable of dehydrating these, but also producing beef and fish jerky. Furthermore, the product allows for dehydrating and storing virtually any fruit or fruit leather to produce dry fruits that remain edible over the crucial winter season.
Lastly, the Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A allows one to dry flowers, make potpourri and dry papier mache products, so I can participate in local competitions as well.

Excellent Thermostat and Drying Mechanism
As our guide to food dehydrator reviews showed, the Converga Flow system created by Nesco causes the air to flow down rapidly along the outer shell and then move radially inwards across each tray. This, along with the fact that the fan is at the top and not at the bottom, makes the product one of the most efficient when it comes to drying high moisture foods in a short while.
Furthermore, the drying of turkeys, fish and beef as well as delicate flowers and herbs is made possible by the 95 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range of the thermostat.

Good Drying Power and Vita-Save Exterior
Quality thermostats need to be accompanied by great power capacity, and the Nesco product comes with 700watts of power with which to dry the foods or flowers necessary. Interestingly, the actual power used at any time is dynamic. Instead of using full power at all times, the product varies the power consumption over time to provide efficient drying sans high power bills.
Further, another Nesco innovation – the Vita-Save, ensures that the foods or flowers being dried inside are not exposed to lights from outside the container. Since lighting has a direct impact on the quality of drying, this feature ensured that we could use the dehydrator in a well lit living room or dining room.

Free racks and Recipe book
The product comes with five racks/trays, and if needed, a further seven can be purchased from the market at a low rate. No matter whether you use five or 12 trays, the drying efficiency of the product remains unchanged.
To make life easier for novices, the company has also come out with a free recipe book that can teach you how to make everything from regular fish jerky to fruit rolls without having to requisition many new items.

And One Disadvantage
During our initial use, we found that the product comes with little by way of good indicators. There are a number of indicators for temperature, but none for other parameters (such as fan). Though not a major inconvenience, it can take a little time to get used to.
Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty

Though food dehydrator reviews may include a number of other points, it is my belief that the above constitute the primary USPs of the Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A. Though the lack of indicators takes time getting used to, the sheer range of drying options and the efficient drying mechanism together ensure that the product is a truly value for money proposition regardless of the requirements of the users.

User Reviews

Posted by Isma

  • 2/5

When I first received my Snackmaster, I absolutely loved it. I’m a hunter, and I make large batches of beef jerky every year to hand out to my friends and neighbors, and this machine allowed me to make a delicious batch of deer jerky in a little under 7 hours. I liked that I could use the folding handle on top of the machine to take a look inside and see what was going on during the process.

Unfortunately, my good experience with the Snackmaster Pro ended rather quickly. This is because one of the dehydrator’s trays warped during my very first usage. I carefully used the dehydrator according to the instructions, so I don’t think it’s a result of user error. In addition, I didn’t place it in the dishwasher or anything like that, so it’s obvious that this happened during the actual product use. Since the tray now dips down in the middle, it touches the tray below it, resulting in a gap. It’s very disappointing to have such a serious problem with my machine after the first use.

Posted by TILE

  • 3/5

If you ask my husband and my kids, they will tell you that wasting food is one of my biggest pet peeves! We are blessed to have a lot of fruit trees surrounding our house, but we normally could not eat all of the produce before it started to rot. I was tired of throwing away rotting apples, and shriveled grapes, so I purchased this device.

The Snackmaster Pro is really easy to use. It comes with 8 trays, but the machine can handle a total of 12 trays. I ended up buying 4 more trays because I wanted to use the machine to capacity. I enjoyed dehydrating a big batch of apples. My house smelled amazing during the process, and my kids are eating the dried apples as a healthy snack. Keep in mind that this unit does use a lot of electricity, so that’s the only negative. It eats up 600 watts of electricity during a 20-hour cycle, so we’ve seen some higher electric bills during the months I use it a lot.

Posted by Big Basin Guy

  • 4/5

The Snackmaster Pro FD-75A provides a great value for the money. It is very reasonably priced, and it gets the job done without any hassle. I’m a hobbyist who enjoys drying mushrooms and herbs. I enjoyed my dehydrator so much that a second one is on its way to me now! I’m looking forward to being able to do 2 large batches at one.

My mushrooms need to stay in this machine for around 18 hours to get done, so it’s not the fastest dehydrator, but I am more interested in quality than speed. Although the instructions state that you don’t need to rotate the trays, I find that I do need to do this at least once during the cycle for the best, most consistent results. This is a minor inconvenience that is worth it because of the dehydrator’s low price.

Posted by jok

  • 5/5

If you are an avid hiker like me, you really need to give this product a try. I got tired of paying sky high prices for dehydrated meals to take on my backpacking trips, so I purchased this dehydrator and started experimenting! It is super easy to use, and most of my experiments have come out great. I was surprised to find out how good broccoli can taste after it is dehydrated. My dehydrated meals not only cost less now, but they also taste a whole lot better.

Posted by flyingest

  • 5/5

My family loves to camp, and this handy dehydrator has made preparing for our next adventures so much more enjoyable. We have found a lot of great recipe ideas for camping on YouTube. It’s amazing that we can fit meals for 14 days in our tiny little camper refrigerator once they are dehydrated! This machine is easy to use and it does what it says. I highly recommend this product.

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