The Difference Between Vertical Flow and Horizontal Flow Dehydrators

Basically Dehydrators are designed to dry your favourite fruit and vegetable, and preserve it for a long period of time. It is among the handiest appliances you can have in your kitchen. Before Dehydrators people use canning and pickling methods to preserve their favourite food. But now, Dehydrators overcome this tedious method and allow them to dry in just a couple of hours. This is an excellent technique used to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. And the best thing is that you can encourage your children to eat banana chips, dried peaches and strawberries. These devices are available in a wide range of prices. You can buy any Dehydrator according to your needs and budget. One of the major factors behind their prices is the type of air flow system. The Dehydrators are available in vertical air flow system and horizontal air flow system. Both systems have their pros and cons. Lets see what is the major difference between them and what are their merits and demerits.

vertical flow and horizontal flow Dehydrators

Vertical flow Dehydrator

In vertical airflow, the fan is mounted at the bottom of the machine. It has up and down orientation with a heated base which is mounted at the bottom of the machine. Presto 06300 and Waring Pro DHR30 are the most commonly used and affordable Dehydrators with vertical air flow.
The pros of vertical airflow machines are given below:
These appliances are more affordable than horizontal counterparts.
This air flow is more suitable for delicate items such as herbs, strawberries, peaches, fish, and raisins.
They give excellent results, if you don’t forget to rotate their trays.
The cons of vertical air flow are:
These appliances provide uneven distribution of heat. Especially when the fan is mounted at the bottom of appliances.
The uneven distribution of heat, makes harder to dehydrate the items like meat jerky, chicken and bananas.

Horizontal airflow Dehydrator

This air flow is founded on the both stackable models such as Nesco Gardenmaster and Excaliber Stainless Steel. These appliances are useful for those who have a quite busy routine. Because you can simply put your food in the dehydrator and allow it to dry while you go out to work. The pros and cons of the horizontal air flow system are discussed below:
They provide even distribution of heat across every single tray.
Due to their even distribution of heat, these appliances are used for drying meat, chicken as well as tougher fruits and vegetables.
This machine is quite suitable for busy persons having busy schedules.
This appliance is more suitable for those who try new recipes because it take less time to dry food.
By using this machine you can easily make fruit leather rolls and steamed walnut leaves.
The only thing that makes it customers to think before buying it, is its price. It is undoubtedly more expensive than vertical ones.
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