Top 3 Cheap Food Dehydrators

The old practice of drying food is now modified by using a food dehydrator. It takes a long time to dry the food to preserve and it and to increase its shelf life. But now as the time is very precious and people are much busy in their work, they use food Dehydrators to preserve the food. Food dehydrator is a simple, small kitchen appliance which makes your life easier as well as saves your time. You can dry food quickly and easily without losing its nutritional value. A wide variety of food Dehydrators are available in the market. You can buy any one of them, which is according to your requirement and range.

Dehydrated Fruit
Basically, the food is placed in the food dehydrator and the heat is produced in it. The heat is produced by a warm air which removes the moisture from the food and makes it dry. The fan is mounted on the top, bottom or back of the system, which produces warm air. The heat coupled with constant air flow, dehydrates the food which prevents the growth of microorganism. The growth of bacteria decreases the shelf life. The food becomes light and occupied less space when the moisture is removed.
The top 3 cheap brands available in the market are given below:

1. Nesco 600-Watt Food Dehydrator


Nesco one of the most famous and commonly used food dehydrator in the market. It is a medium size of dehydrator and uses the power of 600 watts of power. It dries the food quickly. The system has a fan, which is mounted at the top. The fan dries the food evenly from top to bottom. The food dehydration requires the rotation of trays after regular interval of time. The rotation saves the time and dries the food quickly. The flow of air ensures you not to mix the flavours. It is one of the mostly used and well equipped brand. It is also the cheapest brand in the market. It has an adjustable thermostat which controls the temperature. There is no switch on and off and has no timer. It has 5 durable trays which can expand up to 12 trays. The trays can be expanded when a large amount of food is needed to be dried. Trays are circular in design instead of rectangular design. They have an opaque plastic exterior, which blocks the light from foods. They help in retaining the nutrients and vitamins to make the food healthier. If you want to try different recipes , it has a booklet of recipes as well.

2. Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric

Presto another cheaper brand used most commonly in the market. If you are a beginner then it is perfect for you. It is smaller than other brands, but easier to use. It comes with 4 trays and can be expanded up to 8 trays. The fan is mounted at the bottom and the warm air dries the food quickly. It is not equipped with a timer, automatic shut off. It uses 600 watts of power and it requires proper cleaning as well.

3. L’Equip 528

L’Equip 528

It is the medium capacity food dehydrator and it has 6 stacking trays. It has a capacity of 12 trays. The drying area is increased by inserting 12 trays in it. It can handle large amount of food to dry. It uses 500 watts of drying power and the fan is mounted at the bottom. They have no adjustable thermostat, and no timer. But according to its price, it has many useful features.
If you are a beginner, try one of these. Best of luck!

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