Chefman RJ43-SQ-9 Review

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Food dehydrators save families money in the long run while enabling users to create foods and snacks void of harmful preservatives. The idea of owning a food dehydrator and preserving foods naturally has become increasingly popular in recent years, as...

Gourmia GFD1550 Review

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The Gourmia GFD1550 will assist you in making your everyday cooking healthy. This dehydrator is a great tool to have if you like to cook, garden, hunt, or have a way to store foods safely for extended periods of time. External Features Base of the...

Hanging Food Pantrie Review

Many people use food dehydrators to preserve fruit, vegetables, and animal protein after they are harvested. This will greatly increase the shelf life of the food. When you remove moisture from the food, it keeps bacteria from growing and then spoiling...

NutriChef PKFD06 Review

NutriChef recently introduced the PKFD06 food dehydrator into their select line of kitchen appliances designed to save time and money. The affordable device is ideal for anyone who gardens or buys produce in bulk. Dehydrating food extends the lifespan of...

Gourmia GFD1950 Review

The new, reasonably priced Gourmia GFD1950 countertop food dehydrator makes the ideal kitchen appliance for anyone desiring to save money and adopt a healthier lifestyle by processing their own foods. As the unit is moderately priced, it accommodates most...

LEM Products 1153 Review

Food dehydration locks in vital nutrients in addition to inhibiting microbial growth and spoilage. Some dehydrate foods for the convenience of enjoying them at a later date. Health conscious folks believe there is much to gain by consuming a raw diet. The...

Samson Silent Dehydrator Review

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The Samson Silent dehydrator offers a near silent dehydrating experience. Being quieter than it's competitors, this unit is small in size and weighs in at about 21 lbs, making it a perfect addition for any kitchen counter. This unit is equipped with a...

Gourmia GFD1850 Review

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When deciding on the type of food dehydrator to buy, consider the box-style of the Gourmia GFD 1850. The appliance functions similar to a typical, small electric oven complete with a bottom fan that circulates the warm air upward, ensuring that the dry...

Cuisinart DHR-20 Review

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Some of the common features to look for when purchasing a dehydrator include; unit dimension, power voltage and consumption, temperature range, total drying area, number of trays, tray size and reliability of the thermostat. The other important features...
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