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Nutri Chef PKFD12

The description for the NutriChef PKFD12 claims all the user has to do is put their food into the trays, flick a switch, and like magic the food will be dehydrated. It claims to retain 97% of nutritional value in the food, and to work on a variety of foods like chips, fish, jerky, etc. It weighs 6.8 pounds and has a sleek design, in either black or white, and should easily fit on any kitchen countertop.

First Impressions

When I first opened the box, I was immediately unimpressed. The dehydrator just sat in the box, no packing peanuts or bubble wrap around it. To be honest, I figured it would have broken during the journey. Luckily, I took it out and everything seemed to be fine, though that is probably more due to luck than the company’s shipping practices.

In regards to the design, I will say that the clear trays are a nice touch. They make it easy to see how your food is coming along, which makes the entire process a lot more pleasant. The operation is as easy as they claim; just a power on and off switch. If you need it, there is also a manual that comes with it but most people should be able to figure it out on their own.

I’ll admit, aside from the packaging, everything looked good and I was eager to try it!

How Well Does it Work?

I figured I would start with something simple, so the first thing that I did was dehydrate some apples. It took about five hours to dehydrate five apples, which is a fair amount of time. Not spectacular, not disappointing. The apples were as dehydrated as any I’d ever seen, so it worked really well as far as I was concerned!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that cleaning it was a breeze. I was a little nervous to see the trays and thought that food might have a tendency to get stuck, but luckily I was very wrong. No issue cleaning it, and I was ready to get on to my next item.

The next thing I dehydrated was jerky, since the ability to make great jerky has been a selling point with this model. At this point I was starting to really believe in the product, and I definitely did not regret it. The dehydrator took about 7 hours for 1/4″ cup of jerky, but it was worth the wait. Completely dehydrated and the cleanup was just as easy as the apples! A lot of people buy this dehydrator specifically for jerky, and for good reason!

Final Verdict

Overall, my only issue with this product (other than the packaging) was that it made a kind of noise when it ran. It wasn’t loud by any stretch, but it also put off a decent amount of heat from the power it was using. It didn’t bother me, but I could imagine it warming up a small apartment, so that is something to be mindful of. Overall, though, I was very much impressed with this dehydrator and would recommend it to anyone in need of a good dehydrator, especially if they like jerky.

User Reviews

Posted by SW Wisconsin

  • 3/5

I really wanted to love this dehydrator when I ordered it. I was attracted to this machine because of its low price, but I guess you really do get what you pay for. If you want to dehydrate a lot like I do, you are going to get really tired of trying to clean this machine. The NutriChef’s trays are not dishwasher safe. Because of this, it’s even more annoying that the food gets really stuck on. I even tried soaking the trays overnight and then scrubbing with a strong bristled brush, and I still couldn’t get all of the food off.

The trays are also not very high. I’m not even able to put cherry tomatoes on the tray without them touching the next layer. My other issue occurs when I’m trying to dehydrate fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of moisture, such as tomatoes. Although the dehydrator is supposed to be able to handle these items, the moisture ends up causing a lot of condensation on both the inside and outside of this machine.

This might be a decent choice for someone who just wants to use a basic dehydrator every now and then, but there are a lot better machines out there for your money.

Posted by Cole L.

  • 4/5

When I decided that I wanted to try out a dehydrator, I was overwhelmed because there are so many options out there. I actually enjoy researching, so I narrowed down my options to a few choices. I almost purchased a dehydrator that cost three times more than this one, but I decided to give the NutriChef a try at the last minute. Overall, I’m happy with my decision, and I’m especially happy with the over $100 that I saved.

First, you need to realize that you are not getting a top of the line dehydrator for this price. The trays and the unit feel a little flimsy, but this dehydrator still gets the job done. I have found that I need to rotate the trays at least once during the drying process to get even results.

I am kinda paranoid when it comes to food safety, so I checked out the temperature in this unit carefully. It gets to exactly the temperatures that it says it does, which is very important when dehydrating meat. I make jerky a lot, so this was very important to me. I love not having to heat up my house by using the oven because I can use this machine instead.

Posted by C'est La Vie

  • 5/5

A few months ago, I started a low-carb diet. I appreciate the way that this diet makes me look and feel, but I was having a hard time finding healthy snacks. I’m on the go a lot, and I don’t always have a refrigerator handy. This dehydrator has changed my life when it comes to snacking! Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, I keep a bag of dehydrated veggies handy. Zucchini is my favorite, but a lot of other varieties are also good. My kids are even starting to eat dehydrated fruits like apples and strawberries for a sweet treat after dinner.

This dehydrator couldn’t be any easier to use. You pretty much just need to set it up and turn it on. I highly recommend this for anyone who is searching for a healthier solution for snacking at home!

Posted by Annmarie Mudge

  • 5/5

This dehydrator is a must for pet owners who like to spoil their pups! My dogs are a part of my family, and I was spending way too much money purchasing meat snacks for him. One of my friends told me that she dehydrates her own chicken breast, and I was intrigued. The price and good reviews sold me on this item, and I am loving it!

I purchase 10 pounds of chicken breast each week, and my NutriChef dehydrates it perfectly in around 8 hours. I have saved so much money already by doing this, and I wish I would have made this investment sooner.

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