NutriChef PKFD06 Review

NutriChef PKFD06

NutriChef recently introduced the PKFD06 food dehydrator into their select line of kitchen appliances designed to save time and money. The affordable device is ideal for anyone who gardens or buys produce in bulk. Dehydrating food extends the lifespan of meats, fruits, vegetables and herbs by removing moisture for safe storage.

NutriChef PKFD06 Basics

Unlike more expensive models, the PKFD06 is small and compact at slightly more than 6 pounds in weight. The unit measures a mere 11.0 inches x 11.0 inches x 10.2 inches when fully assembled with all the trays and lid. Although the corners of the device are slightly rounded, the overall square shape of the dehydrator makes it easy to position food on each tray while allowing you to make the most of the space provided.

The smaller size means the dehydrator easily fits on any countertop and does not require a lot of storage space when not in use. The unit also comes with five, transparent nesting trays, which neatly stack one atop the other. The transparent lid and trays conveniently allow you to see the progress of the drying process. The 11-inch x 11-inch x 1.2-inch trays provide sufficient room to process up to 6 pounds of meat or produce in a single procedure.

Warm air flows from the base of the unit and circulates upward thanks to the incorporated fan-housing mechanism. The perforations in each tray enable heat to effectively circulate throughout the unit to the top of the dehydrator and back down. With a slight 90-degree twist, you can adjust the height of each tray and the space in between. The polyethylene lid and trays are also BPH-free.


NutriChef PKFD06 takes the guesswork out of operating the dehydrator, which makes the unit especially helpful for anyone learning the art of drying food for preservation. Simply put your prepared foods onto as many trays as needed and apply the lid. The trays stack horizontally and are designed to seal in the heat.

Depress the power button to turn the device on and allow the dehydrator to begin the process. There is no temperature setting to adjust. The unit uses a standard 120-volt outlet to run the motor which emits heat at a constant 180-degree temperature. The higher temperature ensures the dehydrator is appropriate for all types of foods. The accompanying booklet provides instruction as to how long various foods need to dry. The only drawback is the model does not have an automatic timer. After the recommended length of dehydrating time, users must manually turn off the unit.

Dehydrator Function

The PKDF06 works quietly in the background while preserving your food. In this way, the silent operation does not interfere with daily activities or interrupt your sleep during the night. For lengthier dehydrating procedures, simply fill the dehydrator trays, turn the unit on before bedtime and allow it to run.


Once you have finished the dehydrating process, simply remove the trays and wash them and the lid in warm, soapy water. Wipe the base clean if needed with a warm, moist cloth.

By investing in a NutriChef PKFD06, you have the ability to make your own snacks and preserve foods without having to worry about unhealthy chemical additives or fats. Your food also retains up to 97 percent of its nutritional and natural minerals, vitamins and flavor. You save money by preserving foods, as you reduce the amount of spoilage and the amount of produce which ends up in the trash. Whether a novice or having extensive experience with dehydrating, you will enjoy the convenience of the device. The NutriChef dehydrator also comes with a one-year warranty.

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Posted by Brandon Burks


Bought new. Used twice and on the third use I go to turn it on and the on switch blew up and shot out flames. Left scorch marks on my thumb the shape of the on button. I do not recommend this product.

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