Nesco FD-80 Snackmaster – A Solid Dehydrator For Less Than $100

Nesco FD-80 Snackmaster - A Good Dehydrator in less than 100$
Nesco FD-80 Snackmaster is one of the highly rated dehydrator of very affordable price. It is a medium size dehydrator with stacking design. FD-80 is a newer model from Nesco that has improved and most advanced features in it. Nesco FD-80 Snackmaster square shaped dehydrator is quite easy to use because it is designed in such a way to produce quick results in a short period of time. Its efficient features make it best for the starters who never used a food dehydrator before. It is compact, perfect and inexpensive appliance. You can dry your favourite at your home and in this way you stay away from toxins and chemicals used as preservatives and your budget stay in limits too. According to medical experts, to stay healthy it is necessary to take at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily which is not feasible. But by using this dehydrator intake of fruits and vegetables is easy. Its squared shape design is compact enough to be displayed right on your kitchen counter.


  • This appliance is fully expandable. The accommodation space in the appliance can be increased by adding more 4 trays in it. In this way you can dry large batch of fruits and vegetables. Due to its expandable capacity, you can provide your guests with healthy snacks during parties and functions.
  • Nesco FD-80 having a top mounted fan with a horizontal air flow. Thanks to Converga Flow System that forces the air to move down and distributes it horizontally on each tray. By this method, your appliance will be able to store as much heat as possible and it will take less time to dry fruits and vegetables. The Converga flow system reduces the mixing of flavours, so it is easy for the users to dry different types of food at a same time. The best thing about the top mounted fan is that, it will prevent from drippings on the heat mechanism and it is easy to clean it.
  • The Dehydrator has a thermostat that ranges from 95 to 160°F, you can easily adjust the temperature according to your need and you will be able to dry items like jerky and meat safely. The device has no timer so user have to use and kitchen timer.
  • The device produces no noise so you can easily use it at night.
  • The base and trays are washed easily by dishwasher as they are dishwasher-safe. You can easily clean it after dehydration process.
  • The Snackmaster is made from an opaque, BPA free plastic that blocks light and preserve the nutrients in the food you are dehydrating. The device comes with 4 trays and the dimensions of the device are 15x 10x 16”.
  • The appliance is about 700 watts with 1-year limited warranty.


  • It has a smaller footprint, which allows the unit to fit comfortably on your kitchen counter.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat which allows the proper temperature for each food according to its requirement.
  • The device is with square trays which allows more capacity and make easier to load than round trays.
  • Drying time of this device is faster due to its powerful heater.


  • The device is not as expandable as some other expensive Dehydrators.
  • There is no ON/Off switch on it.
  • There is no timer in it. So you have to monitor it carefully and use any kitchen timer to note the time.


The Nesco FD-80 is designed very nicely, efficient dehydrator with a very reasonable price. It is one of the most recommended Dehydrators available in the market due to its good feature.