Food Dehydrator Models for beginners

Food dehydrator used to dry or dehydrate food. It is a small kitchen appliance. It has a built-in fan and small amount of heat which is used to dry food. It has a light flow of hot air which reduces the amount of moisture present in the food. When the moisture is removed, you can increase the shelf life of food. There is no risk of deterioration. The nutritional value of food remains the same. So you can dehydrate food easily without any worries.

Tips to use food Dehydrators for the beginners:

1. Check the temperature: for proper dehydration, proper time and temperature are required. So you have to check the temperature. The process of dehydration varies with the temperature of the dehydrator. Generally the time and temperature required for dehydration are written on the dehydrator or written in the booklet given with food Dehydrator.
2. 95% food is dehydrated: check that 95% food must be dehydrated. Check, if the food is soft or spongy, then put it back into the dehydrator and give it more time. When the food item becomes crunchy and hard, it means the food is completely dry. Sometimes the indoor humidity may cause the soft food. Place it in the food Dehydrator for some time.
3. Don’t dry foods quickly: dry the food properly. Give them proper time and temperature to dry the food.
4. Preparation is important: before dehydrating any food, clean your food with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Wear the gloves and steam the low-acid vegetables for 10 minutes.
5. Increased the efficiency: the efficiency of the Dehydrator is increased by heating it before the food is added. To get the best results of drying, slice the food items in equal thickness and size.

How you can select the right food Dehydrator?

Whenever you are deciding to buy a food dehydrator, check the fan of the food dehydrator. Fan is the most important feature of the food Dehydrator. Select the food dehydrator which is on the back of the system, not on the top or bottom of the unit.
The fan, which is mounted on the back, is best. As, it allows more food to dry evenly. The fan mounted at the top or bottom of the unit first allows the closest items to dry.

For dehydration, adjustable thermostat is required. You can select the correct temperature by using a thermostat. The capacity of the food Dehydrator varies from 4 to 10+ square feet of space. It is either in the stackable tray forms or slide out trays.

The right size of the food and the right quantity affect the drying. In the same way, if you are drying large amount of food, then buy the food Dehydrator having enough space to accommodate all the food. Otherwise, smaller is better.

Top 3 food Dehydrators to use:

1. Ronco Food 125-Watt Dehydrator:

It is best to use for the beginners as it is least expensive. It has a limited warranty of 10 years. It is quiet, small, light and fits anywhere. It heats food up to 133 degrees Fahrenheit. But it takes longer time to dry food as it has only 5 trays. Trays are not dishwasher safe.


2. Nesco FD-75PR 600-Watt Food Dehydrator

You can get a powerful fan and the ability to dry quickly in a reasonable price. It is easy to clean, the temperature is adjustable, it is compact and the flavours of food do not mix with it. The cons of this Dehydrator are it has no on/off switch. It is loud, no warranty as well.

3. Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt Food Dehydrator

It is functional as well as fancy. It has an attractive exterior, top mounted fan, sealed trays and 5 year warranty. It has no timer to set it, and takes up a lot of counter space in your kitchen.
Select any of the food dehydrator and lets start to dry food. Best of Luck!

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