What’s the Best Way to Grind Beef?

Beef makes most part of the diet for most households. Well processed beef is what you need to make a super delicacy. For making most beef products, you need to grind the beef first. The big question however is how best to grind the beef. Using the best meat grinder helps a great deal. Again you will ask “Which is the best meat grinder?” Here, I have tried to make work easier. I will help you find the best way to grind your meat and bite the tastiest burger ever.

Find the Best Meat Grinder

A good grinder gives you control over what you put on your table. It should allow you adjust the preparations as you like. A good meat grinder especially at home will ensure you have just the spices you need in the preferred proportions rather than the already included spices that come with bought products.

There are variations you need to consider when purchasing your meat grinder. The quantity of meat you make is something to put in mind. Small scale users can use the simple, hand crank units whereas for commercial users, sophisticated models work best. Of course your pocket matters. Go for a machine that does not stretch you financial capabilities.

Several meat grinder reviews are available and can guide you well. Generally, a good meat grinder is that which does not discolor your meat. Look for one with best quality blades which are strong and sharp. Electric grinders are good in many ways but you can also use a manual device well as long as you choose a good one that is strong enough and can cut even the toughest meat without deformation.


Quality Meat

The meat you get from your butcher will largely determine the final beef product you process. Different types of meat work well for different delicacies. If you have a burger in mind for instance, you would consider buying chunks of fat-edged meat and roasting them prior to cutting; boiling the roast for about a minute and rinsing with cold water. The way you prepare your meat pre grinding is very important.

Have Nice Cuts
Cutting your meat into small pieces is the first step towards well-ground meat. Tyr to make the shapes into cubes of approximately 1 square inch. Well you don’t have to measure your cubes using a ruler. Just estimate using your eyes; it is not an examination. A sharp knife is what you need to cut your meat into precise pieces. The edges look just fine. With a sharp knife, you will not see ‘hairy edges’. Your meat looks modelled.

Slightly Freeze the Pieces and Grinder

Spread the cut meat cubes on a surface and put in a freezer for about 20 minutes. They should be placed apart. Adjacent pieces should not touch. The freezing makes the edges of the pieces a little bit tough while the middle parts still remain soft. The aim is not to freeze your meat pieces per say but to make them a bit tough. After you have done this, the meat grinder will grind your pieces finely and with precision rather than just tearing the flesh apart.

Freezing your meat grinder is equally important and it should take the same amount of time as that used freezing the meat pieces. A chilled grinder works better than that one at normal temperatures.

Grind Your Meat in Pulses

The perfect grind can easily be achieved by filling the grinder with enough amounts of meat. Do not heap the machine. Even if you have a big chunk to grind, try being patient. It won’t cost much. Grind the meat in about 10 second pulses. When the grind looks as you would like it, empty the pieces into your bowl and add the next batch. However, if you notice some big particles still in the mix, repeat the grinding process once more.

Grinding beef is not a one-step process and you have to get most of the procedures right for an ideal product. The bottom line however is having the best equipment and ingredients. Next time, add some spices when grinding to ease your subsequent operations.

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