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LEM Products 778A

Food drying has been the most popular method of preserving perishable foods since prehistoric times. Once the water has been driven out of most meats, fruits, and vegetables, they remain impervious to the vast majority of microbes and fungi while still being digestible and nutritious for humans. Dried foods also retain all of their nutrients and vitamins without any added salt or sugar, something that other methods such as canning or salting can’t offer. As such, dried food has long been carried by adventurers and explorers, who are going into unknown lands where they may find themselves unable to discern what is safe to eat and where to get certain vitamins and nutrients they need to survive.

The only problem with dried food is its cost. While the raw ingredients of most dried food mixtures are inexpensive and readily available, it takes a lot of energy and time to drive the water out of food. Some foods, such as grapes, can be made into raisins just by exposing them to the sun for an extended period, and even fruits like tomatoes and apples can be sun-dried using enclosed glass containers. But the process may take days to complete, and it is impractical for meats, which spoil in a matter of hours, not days. While it is possible to dry out meats using smokehouses or ovens, these can be impractical and expensive, and in some cases destroy nutrients or introduce carcinogens to the meat. Indeed, many medical professionals now advocate strongly for low levels of smoked meat consumption, as it has been repeatedly linked to stomach and intestinal cancers when consumed in quantity over time.

Fortunately, the advent of forced-air drying technology has made dried and preserved meats something that anyone can do at home. Forced-air drying works by lowering both the temperature and pressure within a confined space so that the water sublimates rather than being driven off by heat or chemical reactions. This is the same process by which ice disappears in winter, even when it is much too cold for it to melt. As such, it is simpler and less expensive even than freeze drying and does not need the thermal insulation or cold conditions of freeze drying. While this does mean that some freeze-dried fare (such as ice cream) is not possible, any food which is stable and edible at room temperature can be made to last for months or years by using forced-air drying. And thanks to the LEM Products 778A, it isn’t even that expensive to do.

Why choose the LEM Products 778A?

The LEM Products 778A is a carefully engineered high-end unit with an emphasis on usability and longevity. The LEM Products 778A is made entirely of stainless steel, which helps ensure that it will last for decades and be easy to clean in the event of spills. The number of parts and components is kept to a minimum in order to ensure that it will not break. Even the front door panel, rather than being hinged, slides into place since hinges can be a failure point or create inadequate airflow over the food being dried. The motor is whisper-quiet and produces no more noise than most home fans or air filters. It is also energy efficient, consuming much less energy than a similarly sized refrigerator or air conditioner. It has a massive 16 square foot volume, enough to make several pounds of dried meat or fruit at once. And it’s reasonably fast – set it up before you go to bed, and its contents will be completely dried by the time you wake up.

What sort of items can I make with the LEM Products 778A?

The LEM Products 778A is best at making dried meat, fruit and vegetable products for near-future consumption. For example, it is extremely good for making smokeless jerky, which does not need to be refrigerated and will be safe to eat for days after its production. This jerky not only tastes as good, if not better, than the items bought from the store, it can be tailored to meet certain dietary requirements, such as a need to avoid salt or heartburn-causing spices. Additionally, such jerky will be free of the carcinogens often found in other smoked meats. The LEM Products 778A is also excellent for making dried fruits, which are normally very expensive, yet essential for those who plan on roughing it for an extended period. Drying fruit is also a great way to get kids to eat new fruits and vegetables since they are both novel and have a reduced flavor profile, which can help introduce kids to a new taste.

What about non-food items?

The LEM Products 778A isn’t just limited to working with food. Because it does not use heat, it is ideal for drying out rare or fragile items to either be preserved or recovered. For example, water-damaged documents that have been in a flood can be dried out, as can rain-soaked photos. While this will not reverse any existing water damage, the LEM Products 778A is more than capable of preventing the spread of mold and mildew. Comic books, baseball cards, and other collectibles can be made water-free before being placed in protective packaging to ensure they are not damaged over time. The LEM Products 778A can also drive the water off of items you intend to preserve for other reasons, such as pressed flowers or preserved insects, ensuring they are suitable for display for decades.

What advantages does the LEM Products 778A offer?

The LEM Products 778A is extremely well built when compared to similarly priced units. All of its components are chosen for high quality and reliability so that the unit can run for days at a time without a failure. It has standardized shelving so that many third party trays and accessories can be used. The unit is quieter than most of the competition, ensuring it will be suitable for night time use, although it is a bit too loud to be in the same room where people are sleeping. The LEM Products 778A moves a large volume of air per hour, helping to dry out the contents much more quickly, and specially designed air vents help ensure everything dries evenly and fully. A built-in timer allows for automated operation.

Key Features of the LEM Products 778A

  • 16 square feet of internal volume enables the LEM Products 778A to preserve several pounds of food at once, enough for any weekend hiking trip or a week’s work snacks, even suitable for the needs of most small restaurants.
  • Comes with 10 shelves, to optimize the amount of space being filled.
  • Clean and quiet operation makes the LEM Products 778A suitable for any household.
  • Minimal power requirements ensure that it doesn’t drive up.
  • Automatic 12-hour timer enables the LEM Products 778A to be run automatically while you work or sleep.
  • Easy-to-clean water-resistant interior in the event of spills or other messes.
  • Standard sized shelving is compatible with many third-party accessories, trays, and additional shelves.
  • Stainless steel design will last for decades, and simple construction eliminates potential failure points, making the unit ready for hundreds of hours of use.

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