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Dehydrators are one of the most popular cooking items in demand right now. They offer a way to make healthy food at home for much less money than it costs to purchase the same products at the grocery store. Snacks made in dehydrators are free of harmful additives and much healthier than processed snacks with mystery ingredients. The Ivation dehydrator strives to offer the best features at a reasonable price and stands out among the many choices on the market today.


  • Six Drying Racks: The Ivation is large enough to hold six drying racks. This gives consumers an opportunity to prepare large amounts of food at one time, which will save them money on groceries and snacks.
  • Digital Thermostat: The digital thermostat is easy to set. The bright numbers are big enough to be visible from a distance.
  • Rear Mounted Fan: The rear mounted fan ensures even drying for all the food within the dehydrator. Air moves freely which means food will be crisp.
  • Two Extra Specialty Sheets: Besides the six standard drying sheets, a sheet for drying herbs and a sheet for preparing fruit rolls are included. Being able to add diversity to what is dehydrated is another way consumers will save money with this product.
  • Drip Tray: The drip tray collects anything that falls during the dehydrating. It’s easy to clean and will protect the dehydrator from spills and messes.


  • The auto-off feature offers peace of mind since cooks don’t have to check constantly to make sure their food isn’t drying out. Plus, the Ivation complies with the US Electrical Safety Regulations.
  • The digital controls are easy to use, and the design makes cooking intuitive. With settings ranging from 95 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, a wide variety of foods can be safely cooked in this product.
  • The measurements for this product are generous, so it offers households the opportunity to dehydrate a large quantity of food at one time.
  • The fan is not too loud when the dehydrator is on. The noise won’t prohibit anyone from being in the kitchen while the dehydrator is running.
  • The see through door makes it easy to look in and check on food progress without having to open the door.
  • The price of this dehydrator is extremely reasonable for its size and the amount of food it can hold.
  • The exterior stays cool while the dehydrator is working. Regardless of the internal temperature rising, the outside does not heat up to a very high temperature. This creates safety for those in the kitchen while the dehydrator is on.


  • There is no instruction manual. While the design does make this dehydrator easy to use, it would be nice to have a manual for trouble shooting or tips. The dehydrator arrives in a box with absolutely no written assistance.
  • While the large design allows for more food to be prepared at one time, it also requires a lot of counter space for storage. If this is used in a small kitchen, there won’t be much room on countertops left to use for prep space.
  • No drying time sheet is included with this product. One is available for download on the internet, but just like the instruction manual, it’d be nice if this item was simply included with the purchase of the dehydrator.
  • The company does not specify whether the trays used in the dehydrator are BPA free. It’s good to know this product complies with electrical safety standards, but it would also be nice to know for sure that all plastic used is free of toxins.

Final Thoughts

The Ivation food dehydrator allows users to cook everything from jerky to dried herbs. The versatility of this product makes it stand out, especially since it is also affordable. If a kitchen is large enough to accommodate a dehydrator this size, then the Ivation will make an excellent addition.

User Reviews

Posted by Alpham

  • 1/5

I had a very bad experience with this product. I liked the look of this dehydrator when it arrived, so I threw in some fruit slices as I was excited to get started. After no more than 10 minutes, the dehydrator completely stopped working! Of course, I tried again, and it would turn on and then give me the error message of “ERR” on the screen. The instructions don’t say what to do when you get this error message, so I am completely out of luck. I hope you can learn from my purchasing mistake.

Posted by Caoimhe Dru'Ann Gallagher

  • 5/5

This machine has really saved me a lot of time and effort over the last few months. This is my third dehydrator, so I’m not a dehydrating newbie. This means that I know what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to dehydrating food!

Now that I’ve tried this Ivation dehydrator with a timer, I could never go back to one without it again. I love not having to worry about how long my food has been drying. I simply set the timer and move on to something else. My other favorite feature is the even heat distribution. In my old dehydrator, I had to rotate the trays several times while the food was drying. I haven’t had to do this once with my Ivation dehydrator. It’s made dehydrating easier than ever.

Posted by Jeffrey

  • 5/5

This little machine has revolutionized snack time in our house! Well, actually it’s not that little, because it can fit 10 pounds of meat when you are making jerky. This is actually a plus, since I can get everything done in one batch instead of spending a few days dehydrating.

Anyway, back to the snacking, since I purchased this machine, dried fruits have become my family’s favorite snack. We used to snack on chips and popcorn during our family movie nights, but now we’re picking up dried fruits instead. It tastes better, and it’s a lot better for us.

We’re also all really enjoying my homemade jerky. Just a tip, make sure you put the meat on the lower trays if you are drying more than one type of food at once because the meat will drip all over everything else. Hope you enjoy the Ivation dehydrator as much as my family has!

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