How to cook with induction cooktop and why it is convenient

The induction cooktop is one of the technological gifts for cooking appliances. It is very much different from conventional cooking appliances. The main advantages are, it does not produce heat or flame. It does not require gas or burning fuel. As the name suggests, it uses induction technology to heat the food items. How to cook with a induction cooktop on the market is explained in this article.

In induction technology the heating is done by electromagnetic induction and the food is heated by the eddy current. To generate the induction, the cooktop will have an electromagnet and also an electromagnetic oscillator. When a high-frequency current is passed through the electromagnet, induction heat is generated to cook the food. It does not heat the body of the vessel or pan but only act on the food. This is highlighted features of a best induction cooktop.

How to cook with an induction cooktop?

1.Reading the manual: All equipment that need electric power has to be familiarized before using. The manuals and users instructions provided with household appliances will help you to understand the usage and precautions to be taken while using the equipment.

2.Features and usage: Read through the features and how this can be used for various type of cooking. Go through the panels and understand the display reading and what they are standing for.

3.Checking the connecting chords: All induction cooktops come with ready to use connecting chords. The resistant ampere shall be mentioned on the base side of cable pin and make sure the power plug is also wired with the required ampere specification.

4.Selecting cooking pan: The pan using for inducing cooking should have a flat bottom surface that can stay close to the surface of the induction cooktop. The pan should not be less than the area of the cooktop surface.

5.Type of cooking pan metal: Only a good magnetic conductor pan can be used for induction cooking. Plastic or metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, etc., cannot be used for induction cooking as they are non-magnetic metals.

6.Switch on: Once the food items are prepared ready for cooking, place it on the cooktop before you switch on the induction cooker.

7.Cooking options: Select the required cooking options from the pre-set cooking menu. Most of the new induction cooktops are coming with various cooking features. The selection will reduce the manual operation risks. Suppose if you want to use the induction cooker for milk boiling, simply press the icon for that. You can manually also increase the heat by pressing the plus or minus indicators.

8.Type of cooking: A variety of cooking is possible with the induction cooktop. Select from the menu what you want to do and the pre-defined options will automatically take care of the rest of the cooking.

9.Purchasing cooking pan: Care must be taken while buying the pans that you want to use with the induction cooktop. Compliant pans are available with any induction store and for the different type of cooking it is better to have different pans that are ideal for the use. 

10.Placing the pan on the induction cooker: The pan must be kept exactly within the work area of the induction cooker. If the pan is not placed on the cooker top, the cooker will not work and will be showing an error message.


Convenience is the hallmark of the best induction cooktop. No grease, flame, stain or residue can be seen on the cooking pan and hence cleaning with cooking pan will be an easy job. They are much cheaper than electric cooking ovens.  There is no point in spending too much money for an induction cooktop unless the product is not covered by a warranty.

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