Hanging Food Pantrie Review

Hanging Food Pantrie

Many people use food dehydrators to preserve fruit, vegetables, and animal protein after they are harvested. This will greatly increase the shelf life of the food. When you remove moisture from the food, it keeps bacteria from growing and then spoiling the food. It also reduces the weight and size of the food, making it easy to store more food. There are two types of food dehydrators available, electric and solar. Of the two options, solar is a healthier and greener way to dehydrate food. One of the best solar food dehydrators on the market is the Hanging Food Pantrie. This product has many great features.

A Healthier Alternative

This solar food dehydrator dries out the food naturally. This allows up to 95 percent of the enzymes in the food to be retained. Your food will be healthy and it will taste great.

Spout Seed and Wheat Grass

This particular food dehydrator doubles as a seed sprouter and a wheat grass growing system. You simply use the trays in the dehydrator, and you can dehydrate your food while growing sprouts and wheat grass. It is a huge space saver when you can do both in the same place.

Plenty of Space

This dehydrator has 5 trays, which will give you more than enough room to dehydrate as much food as you need to.

Easy to Clean

This dehydrator is very easy to clean and maintain. After you have finished dehydrating your food, you simply remove the trays that were used and rinse them with a wet, soapy cloth. After you have cleaned and dried your tray, they slide right back into the casing for your next use.

Durable Design

This is a very durable dehydrator. You can leave it hanging in the sun all summer in the hottest climates and it will still look and feel great.

Protection From Birds and Wildlife

One concern that many people have about dehydrating their food outdoors is that the birds and wildlife will get to it and eat everything before they can enjoy it themselves. This dehydrator is totally enclosed with netting. As long as the dehydrator is hung properly, there is no chance of birds or animals getting inside and eating your food.

Reduces Energy Costs

Because this food dehydrator uses the power of the sun to dehydrate your food, you don’t need to worry about your electric bill going up the way you do with electric dehydrators.

Potential Use Indoors During the Winter

This food dehydrator can be used indoors during the cold winter months. If you have a wood stove in your home, you can take advantage of the dry heat that it produces and dehydrate your food indoors. As long as you keep the dehydrator close to the wood stove, you can still dehydrate food.

Works Great in Humid Climates

Many people believe that it needs to be dry to dehydrate food. This is not the case. It might take a bit longer for your food to dry out if you don’t live in a dry climate, but it will work.

Dehydrates Your Food Quickly

This dehydrator is great because it doesn’t take too long to completely dehydrate your food. In fact, if the food gets too much sun it can start to cook it rather than dehydrating it.

No Assembly Necessary

If you aren’t great with tools or using your hands, you will have no problem. This dehydrator requires no assembly at all. Simply remove the netted enclosure from the box and slide the trays right in. This is something anyone can do.

If you are looking for a food dehydrator that won’t increase your energy bill, that won’t remove all of the vitamins and nutrients from your food, and that can be used in any climate, inside and out, you should consider buying the Hanging Food Pantrie.

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