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Hamilton Beach 32100A

The Hamilton Beach 32100A is a great choice for home drying snacks and herbs. This compact and efficient unit is intended for home use. Your dried food can be put to use in many ways:

  • lightweight snacks for hiking and camping
  • herbs for cooking to add summer flavor during the dreary winter months
  • homemade fruit leather
  • custom beef jerky

This unit is useful in many ways. The square design and efficient nesting trays makes it easier to store. The Hamilton Beach 32100A features a mesh sheet for making homemade fruit rolls. This mesh sheet can also be used to dry garden herbs for later use. Additionally, the unit has its own timer and an automatic shut off.

In use, the unit is about as loud as a box fan. It has a clear lid for viewing, and offers a 48 hour timer with auto shut off for safety. Air flow is continuous, so there are no trays to rotate. The adjustable digital thermostat allows you the chance to customize the settings to the product you’re drying. The design of this dryer includes the motor on the bottom, so the unit is very stable on the counter top should you choose to leave it out.

The instructions are extremely easy to follow and offer detailed information on food safety. It’s best to dry similar types of food separately. Beef jerky should be done in one batch as meat drying times are different than produce. For flavor consistency, vegetables should be dried in their own batch, fruit in another. It’s important to stack all the trays for proper airflow before turning the unit on, even if some are empty. The mesh liners for fruit leathers and garden herbs should only be used in the top two trays.

The unit is extremely easy to clean as the trays are of a heavy plastic design and lined for easy washing. It’s important to note that this unit is intended for home use and may not provide the volume necessary if you need to dry large batches of product or if you’re preparing dried foods for a large group of people. Take care in your food preparation to follow USDA guidelines on cooking times for meat. If you’re cutting fruits and vegetables for drying, keep your slices even and work to lay things out in as flat a plane as possible.

Before you start slicing product, be aware that the drying trays have holes to facility air movement. Don’t cut your products too small, or they may fall through the holes and impact your layout. Stacking or layering product will reduce drying efficiency. Poorly dried product is a breeding ground for bacteria. Take special care to follow the provided dehydrating instructions and review USDA guidelines on product storage for your safety and the safety of family and guests.

User Reviews

Posted by Laura Wolf

  • 2/5

This product has been nothing but a disaster for me! I was so excited when I ordered it, but it didn’t work at all once I set it up. It wouldn’t even turn on. I contacted the company, and I was sent a replacement dehydrator. Again, I was excited to try out this one, but it wasn’t much better. The unit turned on, but it kept turning itself off after about 2 minutes. After a few tries I gave up, and I have had way too much frustration with this product. Hamilton Beach customer service was not very helpful or apologetic either. Stay away!

Posted by Bonnie B.

  • 5/5

This awesome machine has convinced me and my family that snacks don’t have to be packaged or full of chemicals to be tasty. Since I can make my own dried organic fruits and vegetables, we are all eating so much more produce. I was intimidated by the thought of trying this, but it’s actually really easy. The unit works well, and the auto-off feature is great. I can start a batch before I go to bed and let it run all night without having to get up to turn it off. It’s a little loud when it is running, but that’s a small price to pay for such a powerful little appliance.

Posted by Dan

  • 1/5

I am NOT happy with this purchase. I got this as a birthday gift during a busy time of year, so I tried it out a couple of months after purchasing. When I first tried using it, I noticed a loud sound. I’ve never used a dehydrator before, though, so I thought maybe it was normal. Well, I was wrong. I also started noticing a burning smell, and then my dehydrator stopped working. Hamilton Beach obviously does not stand behind their products. The manufacturer only offers a 30-day guarantee, so I am out of luck. Take your hard-earned money and buy something better from a company that backs their products.

Posted by Fastphoto

  • 4/5

I really like the size of this product. It’s just my wife and I living at home, so we don’t need to make huge batches at a time. It’s also handy to take along when we go camping since it fits well in our small camper.

Although the machine is very reasonably priced, it has a lot of nice features, such as an automatic shutoff option and temperature controls. This is a great way to try out dehydrating to see if it’s right for you without spending a ton of money.

Posted by Carla B.

  • 5/5

I purchased this Hamilton Beach dehydrator as a holiday gift for myself, and I am so glad that I did. It’s one of the few items you can buy that actually helps you save money instead of causing you to spend more. Since I purchased it, I am using it constantly.

Here are just a few of the things that I have dehydrated successfully with this machine:
-Green peppers

When we have meat or vegetables left over from a dinner, I simply dehydrate them, and they are ready to go for our next camping trip. Although I use this machine a lot, our electric bill has not increased, so it is energy efficient as well.

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