How to Buy a Food Dehydrator

Among the most important ad useful appliances, food dehydrator is one of them. To eat healthy, delicious food, fruits or vegetables at any time this apparatus is very useful. In the market, many models of food dehydrator are available.  They are of many varieties and of different ranges. You can buy any food dehydrator of any size and style and according to your budget. You can enjoy different food, fruits and vegetable at any time as this apparatus increases the shelf life of the food by removing water from the food materials.

Before buying a food dehydrator you have to know some points regarding the apparatus. Either it is easy to use or not. And many others. The following points should be kept in mind before buying this apparatus:

  • Capacity of the food dehydrator
  • Air flow system
  • Price of the food dehydrator
  • How many trays the food dehydrator has?
  • Thermostat
  • Timer

All these points are discussed in detail below, to mention that how these points are important before buying a food dehydrator.

  1. Capacity of the food dehydrator:

During buying a food dehydrator, size really matters. Either a small size suits your kitchen shelf or the big one. As well as the budget also affects the size of the apparatus because the food dehydrator with smaller capacity is cheaper than the food dehydrator with the larger capacity. They are of two types:


The food Dehydrators with expandable features dry more batches as compared to the non-expandable Dehydrator. The non-expandable food Dehydrators can dry just a single batch of food at one time. As it is very time consuming for the users who want to dry different types of food at one time. The expandable food Dehydrators are very good for bigger families as they need large food to dry for their families so it is very convenient for them to buy expandable Dehydrators. Only extra trays have to be adjusted in the dehydrator to increase the capacity of the food drying. It will save time as well as you can dry more than one batch of food. You can also save the extra food for any other time also.

  1. Air flow system of the Food Dehydrators:

The drying of food takes place in the dehydrator by air flow system. The food Dehydrators are of two types:
One with vertical air flow system and the other one is with a horizontal air flow system. Both have some pros and cons, you can select anyone according to your requirement. You have to know which one is best for your use, before buying the food dehydrator.

Vertical Air Flow System:

The Food Dehydrators which have vertical Air flow system  have fans mounted at the bottom or at the top  of the unit. They distribute the air vertically. In this system, heat distributes equally distributes to all trays and dries the food quickly in a very short time. These apparatus are mostly useful for the jerk, bulky vegetables and meat, as the air distribution is very proper and equal in this system. Many Food Dehydrators which have vertical Air Flow system are available in the market. You can buy any one according to your need and budget.

Horizontal Airflow System:

The Food Dehydrators with a horizontal air flow system have fans mounted at the bottom of the unit. They will ensure the even distribution of heat to all trays of the unit. The good thing about this unit is the flavours do not get mixed in it. So you can use this Food dehydrator for different variety of foods to dry at the same time they are either fruits, vegetables or fish. These Food Dehydrators are much larger than the Dehydrators having vertical airflow system. So these are more spacious, users can dry more than one batch in it. But the cons of this dehydrator is, it is very difficult to clean it because the drippings of fruits, vegetables and meat will drip on the fan region. The fans of this dehydrator are cheaper than the fans of the vertical air flow system. But the horizontal air flow system Dehydrators are expensive as they are more spacious as compared to the vertical ones

  1. How many trays the food dehydrator has?

The number of trays accommodate in the food dehydrator also matters very much. If the Dehydrator has more trays it will make your work easier and quicker. You have to select either stacking model or shelf tray model.

Stacking models:

In this model, the dehydrator has a large space to dries the food as it has many trays. But if the user has to remove something from the bottom tray he face some problem. Because he has to remove at the top trays and then reached to the bottom one. And this opening, closing may longer the time of drying and the heat is also loss in this way.

Shelf tray models:

In shelf tray model, the dehydrator has trays arranged just like the oven trays and it have a horizontal air flow system. You can dry many batches at the same time and trays rotation is not required in shelf tray models.

  1. Thermostat:

Some food Dehydrators also have thermostat to control the temperature of the food Dehydrators. They are not present in all food Dehydrators like the cheap ones. These are available in the good quality food Dehydrators which are expensive too. You can set the temperature according to your food requirement. Some food takes more time to dry and some take less time.

  1. Timer:

The Timer is the most important part of the drying procedure. This is also not available in every food dehydrator. This is mostly available in the expensive Dehydrators. The built-in timer really helps you in your busy schedule as it will off automatically when your food dries out completely. It will prevent your food from burning or becoming too much harder. You can sleep easily by turning on the timer. Many varieties of food Dehydrators are available in the market, having built in timers in it.

  1. Price:

The most important point during buying a food dehydrator is the cost of the appliance.  The Dehydrators having more features are more costly and the Dehydrators having few features have less cost. So, you can select anyone which is according to your requirements. But if you really want a good quality food dehydrator so you have to invest some money for it. Before buying, you have to check the warranty of the machine. It’s really important because of your appliance have some problem, then the company will recover it.