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Excalibur EZDRY

The Excalibur EPD60W EZDRY Food Dehydrator, despite not having the most creative name, is a well-known food dehydrator. But what is the truth about this unit? Is it top-of-the-line, or bottom of the barrel?

Product Description

This Excalibur unit contains six trays, so you can expect it to dry a lot of food at once. Its open airflow design allows the heat to be distributed evenly, so you don’t experience parts of your food dehydrating and others not. It runs at about $40, which is on the cheaper end of food dehydrators.

One notable feature is the clear lid on top, which allows you to see your food as it is drying. This can be useful in checking on your food as it dries, since you don’t have to open it and let the heat out.

First Impressions

I was taken aback by how large this unit is. At 480 square inches, this unit may not be right for those working in cramped kitchens or small apartments. Still, the unit seemed to be well-packaged and came to me without an issue.

I also noticed that the trays seemed rather small, which sort of defeats the purpose of having six trays, in my opinion. Worse yet, there were dividers within the trays, and I immediately realized how much more difficult that would make drying large amounts of food. Of course, these were all just observations. How did the unit actually work?


The first negative I have is that this thing gets warm. “Make you leave the room” levels of warm. And when I looked at the specifications, I wasn’t surprised! It runs 350 watts of electricity! If you have a large, open kitchen you can probably get past it, but it heats up a room very quickly.

I decided to test out this unit by drying out some bananas to make banana chips. I sliced them up, stuck them in, and came back seven hours later to find them completely dehydrated. Hooray, it works! I’ve used it on apples and jerky since I purchased it and it has yet to give me any problems. The trays can be a bit of a hassle to clean, but they’re dishwasher safe.

Final Verdict

This definitely isn’t the most luxurious unit, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, this can definitely fit your needs. Assuming you have a way to deal with the heat, because boy does this thing get hot!

And then there are the trays. I can appreciate Excalibur trying to make it easier to organize things on the trays, but in reality it just makes it more difficult to dehydrate large amounts of food. It isn’t the biggest obstacle, but if you’re trying to dry a lot of food at one time, this could give you some trouble.

Those things aside, this unit does what it is supposed to. It dries out your food evenly and leaves it ready to be stored. For $40 you definitely get your money’s worth for this product, but not much more.

This could be a good dehydrator for someone just starting to dry their food that doesn’t want to commit too much financially, but there are certainly better models on the market for the veterans.

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Posted by Patty

  • 1/5

The 2nd time I used it it melted the bottom and the bottom tray after being on for 2 hours.

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