Dehydrating Ground Beef Recipe

In our day to day lives, we don’t normally consume much red meat. However, ground meat has gradually become a staple for our backpacking recipes. Anyone who wants to go camping will definitely need a good dry food that is light and quite easy to carry without worrying about dripping water associated with wet food. Many of our first choice country meals have some quantity of grounded beef in them. Interestingly, it is very simple to prepare. If you are looking to prepare a delicious ground beef for your family’s enjoyment, below is a great recipe to help make things easier for you.

Thai Beef Jerky

Step by Step method for dehydrating dry beef

Begin by getting the most lean ground beef in your local grocery store. It is better to use lean beef during dehydration because fatty meats don’t rehydrate or dehydrate well. Also, you can dehydrate large batch of lean meat so that it can last well for you before dehydrating again.
Cut the ground beef into small pieces and place on the stove to cook through. This will make it very easy to dehydrate the meet properly. After cooking the beef, use a colander to drain it properly. To make it easier you can break the larger sized meats into smaller pieces. You can also rinse the beef with water to make sure there is no extra fat left in the beef. Note that the dehydrating process tends to take out some flavors from the beef a little. Because of this, you may need to sprinkle some spices and herbs on the cooked beef.
Spread the ground beef evenly on the dehydrator tray and set the temperature at the highest settings. After spreading the beef, allow the beef to dry on its own but make sure you check it every 5 to 6 hours to make sure nothing goes wrong with the preparation. Generally, it takes about 10 hours to dry 4 pounds of meat. However, depending on the level of moisture in the beef and the humidity, drying time may vary. Also, the more number of stacked beef trays you have the longer it will take to dry using the dehydrator. So, the time it takes for you to dry a particular quantity of beef might be different.
After the beef has been completely dried, you can then put off the dehydrator and wait for about 1 hour until it cools in order to avoid any sweating before packaging it. Once the beef cools down, you can store in one pound sizes in freezer bags. It feels very light at this level and can be carried in the backpack for camping or other similar activities. To make sure the dehydrated food last for a very long time, you can store in a chest freezer.

Dehydrating for a meal

Rehydrating your ground beef for meal is a simple thing to do. Whether you want to use at home or want to use in the camp, there are simple steps to follow in order to make sure your ground beef is ready to be served. Just remove the stack of meat that will be enough for your meal at that particular time. Remove the beef, add a little water and start cooking as you would normally cook a fresh beef. But you need to add enough water because the beef will soak more water than it would when fresh. You can add little water occasionally as the beef soaks water until it starts taking on the texture of normal ground meat.
Finally, season properly to bring out the taste since some of its flavor has been lost during the dehydrating process. Once your beef has been fully cooked, you are ready to start enjoying your meal.

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