Dehydrated Crunchy Buckwheat Granola Recipe

Granola foods are always fun to prepare and they actually taste great. They provide enough nutrients to make them a vital addition to your daily diets. Granola naturally provides 160 mg of calcium, 16 grams of fiber, 21 grams of protein and has more than 35% nutrient contents of US RDA of thiamin, phosphorus, niacin, manganese, magnesium, iron, and copper.

Dehydrated Crunchy Buckwheat Granola Recipe
It has no syrup or sucrose that may increase your blood sugar and cause problems to your immune system. So, how do you prepare this deliciously tasty meal that provides the right balance of nutrients to your body? The rest of this article shall provide the perfect recipe to help you prepare the Crunchy Buckwheat granola for your family’s enjoyment. 

Preparation of raw granola

In order to prepare a raw granola, a good dehydrator is needed. You may also require silicone sheets or wax paper to cover the trays. Do not use the Teflon sheets for dehydrators because they tend to be toxic.
With your dehydrator, you can prepare the raw granola in the oven, but this method is likely going to minimize the fatty acids, vitamins and enzymes in the granola. You need to sprout, soak and dehydrate, which may take you around 2 days to get the raw granola ready. All this time is for the granola to get properly dried. The actual time spent preparing the granola does not take more than 2 hours. You may want to skip the raw granola preparation process and move straight to the baking or cooking stage. Remember that getting your raw nut through this stage of preparation is very important because it increases their nutritional value, removes harmful enzyme inhibitors, softens them and gets them ready for cooking.

Ingredients needed for Buckwheat preparation

  • The following are the necessary things to provide in order to prepare your dehydrated granola
    One tablespoon of ground cinnamon
  • One large pureed apple
  • One-half pecan piece or raw walnut, soaked for 10 hours
  • One cup or raw sliced almonds, soaked for 9-10 hours
  • One-quarter cup of drained sesame seeds, soaked for about 5 hours
  • One-quarter raw sunflower seeds
  • One-quarter cup of raw pumpkin seeds
  • Flaxseeds (1/4 cup, soaked for about 10 hours)
  • ¾ cup goji berries, cherries, cranberries, dried blueberries, currants, and raisins
  • About 2 cups of raw buckwheat groats, soaked for about 10 hours
  • Purified water

Preparation Instructions

Begin the preparation in the morning in order to finish on time and get them ready for drying. Use a 4 cup boil and cover the buckwheat groats in clean water. Allow it to settle for about 10 hours. After properly soaking the groats for about 10 hours, place the groats in a strainer or a fine screen sieve and drain properly.

Place them over a plate or in a sink and led them sit for about 8 hours for sprouting. After they have started sprouting, pick and drain them before rinsing. After rinsing and straining the buckwheat groats, put ½ cup of clean water as well as the flaxseeds in a bowl to soak for about 10 hours. The next ingredient will be the peanuts or walnuts as well as the almonds. Put the almonds separately in another bowl and add clean water. These will be ready and feeling very soft before the buckwheat has finished sprouting. You can place the buckwheat groats together with the dried berries or currants, raisins and flaxseeds. Add the cinamom, apple puree and date paste. Mix or stir properly to make a batter.
Finally, spread about 3 cups each of the batter into the dehydrator tray covered with a wax paper or a silicon sheet. Continue this process until the whole batter is used. You will need to dehydrate the mixture for about 8 hours at 110 to 115º. Just place the granola into a dehydrator tray and carefully take away the silicon or wax paper, and dehydrate again for another 20 hours until the granola is fully dry. Your granola is now ready to be served with fresh nut, kefir, yogurt, or cow’s milk.

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