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Although popular and containing nutritious amounts of protein, traditional store bought jerky is typically made using tough cuts of meat. However, by making your own low-fat jerky at home, you have the chance to make the common snack using a variety of ground meats. You also have more control of flavorings and sodium contents. By getting a jerky cannon and your choice of ingredients, you are well on your way to enjoying delightful snacks. There are a number of jerky cannons on the market, which are affordable and easy to use.

Jerky Cannon Basics

Jerky cannons function similarly to conventional caulking guns. However, instead of adhesives or caulk, the cannons are filled with your favorite meat mixture. After filling the gun, simply squeeze the trigger to expel the meat in flat strips or tubes. Process the recipe for the recommended length of time in an oven or in a countertop dehydrator to dry the jerky properly. Store your jerky in a cool, dry place that might include the refrigerator or freezer. By investing in a jerky cannon, you can make jerky in abundance at a fraction of the cost.

Cannon Characteristics

Jerky cannons have a central cylinder that holds the meat. The sturdy plastic material used to manufacture some cylinders enable you to see the contents inside. In this way, you can ensure that you pack the meat fully to prevent air bubbles. Slightly more expensive units are made using anodized aluminum, which typically stands up better to the pressure exerted on the cannon after many uses.

The kits typically come with a flat tip nozzle and a tube tip nozzle that fit on the end of the cylinder through which you eject the meat. The trigger mechanism advances the flat piston within the cylinder, which exudes the pressure needed to push the meat through the tips. The handle, trigger function and all of the pieces easily pull apart for filling and cleaning.

Here are our picks for the best jerky cannons:

1. LEM Products

LEM Products Jerky Cannon

The LEM Jerky Cannon features an aluminum barrel capable of holding up to 1.5 pounds of meat. Each end of the cylinder is flared for easy loading. The unit also has a heavy-duty plastic piston, a stainless steel rod that pushes the piston and a plastic-coated steel handle. You also get one stainless steel, flat jerky nozzle and one stainless steel, snack stick nozzle, which quickly attach tightly to the cylinder via a twisting retaining ring.

The kit also comes with a barrel brush for cleaning. An easy to comprehend instruction booklet guides you through the process of assembling the cannon and making delicious snacks.

Have the type of ground meat of choice on hand to get started making jerky or snack strips right away, as the kit includes two packets of Blackwoods Seasonings in Original Jerky and Snack Stick flavors. Each packet enables you to make five pounds of jerky.

The LEM cannon was created to be durable, efficient and provides years of reliable function. Squeeze the meat out quickly as the overall design of the product can withstand the pressure. All of the unit components are also a snap to take apart and clean.

2. Jerky Spot

Jerky Spot Cannon

The Jerky Spot cannon features two corrosion-resistant aluminum barrels. In this way, you can spend more time making jerky instead of having to stop and refill a single cylinder. Having two barrels also enables you to process 2.7 pounds of meat with ease. The commercial-quality cannon is aptly named the Judge due to the cannon’s durable design that provides relentless, reliable service. Having two barrels enables you to make jerky with your significant other, or let the kids get in on the fun.

Each cannon comes with a stainless steel flat and a stainless steel stick-shaped nozzle. Simply put the nozzle of your choice on the end of the cannon and attach the twist on ring to keep the nozzle tightly in place. Use one barrel for flat strips and the other for snack sticks quickly and easily.

Simply fill the cylinders, attach the nozzles and with a few pulls of the coated metal trigger, you are making jerky. When you are finished, the long-handled cleaning brush makes cleaning effortless.

The product is ideal for all types of ground meat and is favored by homemakers, farmers, hunters, paleo diet fanciers and restaurant chefs alike. If you have never made jerky using a cannon, do not fear, the accompanying instruction booklet shows you the ease of the process.

3. Weston

Weston Jerky Cannon

The Weston is another affordable jerky cannon made of a durable aluminum. The comprehensive Weston jerky-making kit also comes with a stainless steel double flat strip and a stainless steel double snack strip nozzle, which enables you to eject 1.5 pounds of seasoned ground meat in half the time. The piston plunger and trigger mechanisms are also made with sturdy coated steel. The kit additionally comes with an instruction booklet and two cleaning brushes for cleaning the barrel and each of the nozzles.

Unlike the majority of jerky-making kits on the market, the Weston features a couple of additional components. If preferring a change of pace, you can use your seasoned meat to make sausage using the enclosed sausage funnel. To make loading the barrel that much easier, Weston additionally includes a stomper to ensure meat thoroughly fills the cylinder without worrying about air pockets.

Start making jerky, snack strips or sausage immediately using the enclosed 4.3-ounce seasoning packet. Enjoy your nutritious homemade jerky at home, on road trips or while camping.

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