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Aroma Nutriware

The NFD-815D dehydrator from Aroma is an affordable and effective way to make a variety of dried goods. The countertop appliance is large enough to fit 6 trays of different raw foods, yet small enough to remain out of the way during operation. Whether owners are making sweet treats from fruits, savory meat jerky, or aromatic potpourri, this dehydrator will dry anything to perfection.

Outer Shell

The body of this dehydrator is made from high-quality plastic that stays cool to the touch, regardless of the heat settings. The surface is easy to clean and looks slick on any countertop. The entire unit measures roughly 19 by 15 inches with a height of 14 inches. It has a manageable weight of only 15 pounds. The front of the appliance has a clear removable panel. This panel is BPA-free for and gives users a good view of the food inside. The top of dehydrator has an LED display and button controls. Ventilation slots are also located on the top. A rear fan is positioned on the rear of the unit and contributes to the dehydrator’s effectiveness.


The inside of the unit contains all of the heating elements and the 6 trays to hold food. The trays are made from durable stainless steel, making them easy to clean a long-lasting for years of use. They measure 13 by 12 inches and can support up to a pound of food each. The tight grid pattern adds strength and promotes even drying throughout. Users wanting to dehydrate smaller foods, such as tiny berries and fruits, can use the included mesh sheets. These sheets will ensure that the food doesn’t fall through the tray and onto a lower level. The six trays can be arranged in the unit perfectly with the help of guides along the sides. A drip tray is also included on the bottom of the dehydrator. It collects any unwanted residue during the drying process for quick removal and cleanup.

Even Dehydration

One common issue with dehydrators is uneven heating. To properly dry foods, most dehydrators require constant repositioning of the food. Users may have to turn the trays and flip the raw foods to ensure proper drying. However, the Aroma NutriWare dehydrator eliminates this task. It uses horizontal flow technology. Air is moved through the unit with the rear fan. This evenly distributes heat above and below each and every rack. In fact, users don’t need to rotate racks at all, allowing them to save time. The heating element and rear fan work in tandem to heat every piece of food effectively. Because the unit uses this proficient technology, food is dried more accurately and with less energy and time.

Consistent Temperatures

Consistent and accurate temperature readings are crucial when drying foods. Foods require a very specific heat setting to dry out successfully. A high setting will only kill important enzymes and nutrients, resulting in tough and flavorless foods. A low setting can be dangerous, as it leads to bacterial growth. To savor all of a food’s nutritional value and taste, it’s important to have a dehydrator that is accurate. The Aroma NutriWare dehydrator has an accurate thermostat that can be set between 95 degrees Fahrenheit up to 158 degrees. This provides users with ultimate flexibility for drying a wide range of foods.

Precise Settings

The NutriWare dehydrator from Aroma gives users ultimate precision and control. The settings are easy to manipulate with a touch of a button. Controls are located on the top of the unit. Temperature is set via a simple plus and minus button. There are 8 heat settings in total. The unit will begin heating and remain at the temperature steadily while the food dries out. A timer is also utilized for convenience and easy tracking. The timer can be set as for a short amount of time starting at 30 minutes all the way up to 19 hours and 30 minutes. The timer can be set in 30-minute increments. The digital LED display shows temperature and time left during the dehydration process.

All in all, the Aroma NutriWare dehydrator is great for a variety of uses. It can easily and effectively dry out a wide range of foods without losing any of its nutrients or flavors. Whether it’s tough meat or healthy vegetables, the unit will operate just as proficiently thanks to the horizontal flow technology. With it’s 6 spacious trays, there’s more than enough room to dehydrate any food an owner desires.

User Reviews

Posted by Ms Curiously

  • 3/5

I think this dehydrator could be a good choice if you are planning on using it every now and then, but I’m not so sure that it could stand up to heavy usage. I use my machine on a daily basis to dry produce. I only use the low settings, too, with temperatures below 115 degrees. It works efficiently, and it is very quiet. After around two months of use, I started noticing problems with the plastic trays. They became brittle and started cracking. I think I am going to upgrade to a commercial machine that will last longer and stand up to daily use without damage.

Posted by SnoopysGirl

  • 5/5

I’ve been using my Aroma Nutriwave dehydrator for around 4 months now, so I wanted to come back and leave a review to help other shoppers. First, let me say that I am very happy with this product! I love spoiling my dogs by making homemade dog treats, so I use this to dehydrate the chicken and beef.

There is a little bit of a learning curve if you are just starting to learn about dehydrating. I’ve found that cutting the meat to an even thickness is key. Also, dehydrating is great, but it’s not fast. You need to have some patience, but it’s great to not have to turn on your oven for hours at a time.

I selected this model because of its reasonable mid-range price, and it provides an excellent value. I’ve also started branching off and making homemade jerky for my husband and his friends. It’s great to have a kitchen gadget that actually gets regular use instead of just taking up space in my pantry.

Posted by Michael

  • 4/5

I looked into a lot of dehydrators before deciding on this Aroma Nutriware. The price and the features were both attractive to me, and the machine is a good fit for my needs. It works well, and I have not had any issues. In fact, I’m enjoying dehydrating so much now that I’m thinking of getting an even bigger machine. The only con to this machine is the fact that it’s pretty loud when it is running, but that’s not a big deal to me since I usually put it in my garage.

Posted by Chris R.

  • 2/5

This dehydrator isn’t terrible, but it did not really meet my expectations. I just finished making my first match of mixed fruits, and I am really surprised by how long it takes to dehydrate. My cherries and blueberries were not dehydrated at all after 10 hours. I guess I’ll have to leave it running overnight to get the results I’m looking for, but this means using more electricity.

My other issue with this product is the fact that it does not have a timer. I can use my kitchen timer or put a timer on my phone, but it seems like this feature should really be built-in for a dehydrator in this price range.

Posted by R. Minnick

  • 5/5

I make a lot of jerky, and this machine has made my life so much easier. It’s simple to use, and it does a big batch at one time without taking up a lot of space in my kitchen. I’m enjoying using my Nutriwave, but I think that the manual really needs improvement. It’s about the equivalent to one sheet of paper!
I expected at least a booklet filled with helpful recipes and tips. The included recipes are not very helpful, but I’ve found some great ideas by searching online.

Posted by L. N. L.

  • 5/5

The Aroma Nutriwave dehydrator is fabulous! I’ve been using an old round dehydrator for years, and I will never go back now that I’ve tried this. It is so much quicker and easier than canning, plus I don’t have to invest in jars, lids and other pricey equipment.

The possibilities are endless, but my recent favorite thing to dehydrate is zucchini noodles. This is a great choice if you are trying to lower the amount of carbs in your diet. You simply cut the zucchini into noodles with a spiralizer, and put them in the machine to dry. Now I always have noodles ready to cook on pasta night!

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