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Della Deluxe

Food preserving and dehydration has become a lost art, as commercial companies produce most of the dried fruit, vegetable, and meat products. Dehydrating one’s own food, however, never really completely died out, and it is now seeing a resurgence in popularity. Food dehydrators are easier to use and cheaper than ever before to buy and operate. But which one should you buy?

Required Features

A food dehydrator should, at the very least, dehydrate food to the desired texture. This may be an obvious point, but many dehydrators do not hold up to the slightest amount of food and ruins the finished product. Round dehydrators do not work very well, and the finished product tends to be soft. (This is not a desired outcome.)

A well built dehydrator should have a clear display of the basic functions. Being able to clearly see what the temperature is at is very crucial to having the finished product turn out well.

The last thing to look for when selecting a food dehydrator should be easily removable trays that are separate from the rest of the machine, without it affecting the rest of the trays. This is helpful when the bottom trays of food finish drying, but the upper trays of food need several more minutes.

Della Deluxe

The Della Deluxe is a smaller dehydrator, but with the capacity to dry 3-4 pounds, which is great when preserving a large quantity of food. There are several features of this particular brand that makes it more desirable than others.


A very important reason to buy the Della Deluxe is that it is less expensive than other dehydrators of the same class. While others sell for $200 or more, the Della Deluxe is a bargain at $100. Many owners claim that it is the same quality of those that are at least $100 more.

Space Saving

When space is at a premium, this particular dehydrator takes up a foot and a half of counter space. It only stands 14 inches high, making it very easy to fit under cabinets when not in use.

Easy to Remove Trays

The blue plastic trays are easy to remove and put back into place, making it simple to check on the drying food and rotate trays as needed. However, some owners have mentioned that these trays are somewhat fragile, so extra care should be taken to remove food once dried.

Even Heat Distribution

The Della Deluxe offers even heat distribution with a back mounted fan. Other dehydrators mount the fan on the bottom, but this makes the drying process very uneven. The food towards the back of the dehydrator will dry first, so keep this in mind when starting the first batch. Some owners have said that the best way to fix this is to rotate the trays as needed.

No Bulky Door

With the unique design of the Della Deluxe, there is no need for a bulky door getting in the way when removing the trays. The design is meant to retain heat, which is crucial to maintaining even heat distribution.


Some of the disadvantages other owners have reported include having no drip tray, longer drying times compared to some other brands, and lower trays drying faster than upper trays. Another owner mentioned that it was difficult to remove dried fruit from the trays without the trays breaking. There are easy and cheap fixes for each of these concerns.


    • A makeshift drip tray can be created using parchment paper on the bottom shelf, making nine available trays instead of ten.
    • Rotating the upper and lower trays can help even out the drying times.
    • Playing with the temperature settings might help speed up drying times, but then again, it may not. Experiment with this, and if it works, stay with it. If not, it might be good to set up before going to bed or to work, and doing half a batch at a time.
    • There are dehydrator mats that can be used so fruits and other sticky foods do not stick to the trays. This can help reduce the amount of pulling on trays, keeping them in better condition for a longer time.

Overall, this seems to be a decent dehydrator for the money, and is worth looking into buying. After using round dehydrators, other owners state that this shape is much better and easier to use, and is at a good price point for an introductory dehydrator.

User Reviews

Posted by Theresa S.

  • 5/5

I’ve had a cheap round dehydrator for years, and I was ready to upgrade to something bigger and better. Since I started my low carb diet, I’ve been going a little crazy for making beef jerky. This is a low carb snack that’s packed with protein and really tasty. In my old dehydrator, it took me over 30 hours sometimes to make one small batch of jerky, and that just wasn’t cutting it with my busy life.

This Della Deluxe dehydrator is so much better! I started the process by marinating my meat overnight and slicing it. I had over 3 pounds of meat when I was finished, and it didn’t even fill up the whole machine! I still had 3 empty trays, so I was immediately impressed with the capacity of the Della Deluxe.

The best part was that my jerky was finished in 9 hours—this is less than half of the time it took in my previous dehydrator. Since the dehydrating process was a lot quicker, my jerky was tender and tasted even better.

The jerky came off the trays easily without sticking, and the trays are easy to clean when I was done using it. I love having 10 trays to rotate through while my meat is dehydrating. I love my Della Deluxe and I am happy to recommend it! It exceeded my expectations with the jerky, so I am excited to try it out with some fruits and vegetables from my garden.

Posted by Terri Greer

  • 1/5

I know this isn’t the highest priced dehydrator out there, but I still expected better quality than this. I can’t complain about the dehydrator itself. It does what is says, but the trays are awful! They are made of thin plastic, and they are incredibly cheap. I haven’t even had this machine for a month, and I’ve used it to dehydrate a few fruits once a week. After less than five uses, the trays are cracking and breaking, just from normal use. Last night, I pulled out one tray to view my dried bananas. The tray got stuck, and then it cracked when I finally got it out. I wish I would have gone with one of the other brands in this price range.

Posted by allen janssen

  • 4/5

Like most things, this dehydrator isn’t quite perfect, but it’s pretty close! I hesitated at first because of the low price, but I’m so glad that I found this great deal. I bought this because I needed to upgrade from my basic circular dehydrator. It worked fine, but I didn’t have enough room to dehydrate meat for jerky, and I also needed to do things in several batches.

This dehydrator is so much better! It actually takes longer to dehydrate, but it’s worth it because the results are superior. You can’t beat the options to program the device and the analog temperature display. The capacity is amazing, and I can crank out more than 3 pounds of jerky in just one batch.

If I could change a few things about this, I would definitely add a drip tray and maybe make the dehydration process a little faster. I would also prefer more even heat distribution. I found that I need to rotate the trays about halfway through the drying process to get even results. Overall, though, I’m very happy with my purchase, and I know I got a great value for my money.

Posted by Vt Momma 2010

  • 4/5

This is a good dehydrator at a good price. It’s easy to use without a lot of effort, and you can fit a ton of food in it at once thanks to 10 trays. Although the trays are plastic, they have held up find through my using and washing. I do have one complaint about this dehydrator. One side of the machine is straight, while the other is curved. This drives me crazy when I see it sitting on my counter! It also makes it difficult to put all of the trays in straight. I’m not sure if this is a cosmetic flaw or if my dehydrator was damaged during shipping, but I’m not going to return it since it is still working fine.

Posted by Hailey H.

  • 5/5

Most people buy a dehydrator to dry meat or produce. Believe it or not, I purchased this Della Deluxe model for my cookies! I have a side business selling royal icing cookies. When I dry them in my dehydrator, the process is much quicker, and it also gives the icing a gorgeous shiny finish instead of a dull matte look. I love that I can slide the trays in and out without opening the door, and that’s the reason why I selected this model over other options. At times, I use it with only a few of the trays filled and the other trays removed, and it still works great. This dehydrator is a cookie decorator’s dream!

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